Students  Outreach

The student development committee of the CBD-IAI has instituted some programs and initiatives designed to enhance the participation of, and benefit to, students who choose to participate in our organization.

Poster Presentation and Contest: Students are encouraged to submit abstracts to present posters at the Spring Educational Conferences. Presentations will be viewed by all attendees as well as a panel of judges. The top two presentations are announced at the installation banquet and are given monetary awards and certificates of achievement. The official call for posters and guidelines for Spring 2019 Educational conference will be posted in the near future.

Student Lunch Session: The agenda for the spring conference will include a special sponsored lunch session with presentations of student interest. Be sure to register in the next upcoming conference!

Oral Presentations: The committee also encourages students to submit presenter forms to be considered for the general session agenda at either the fall seminar or spring educational conference. The submission form will be uploaded close to the seminar or conference date.

Chesapeake Examiner: Please consider submitting your written work for publication in the official magazine of the CBD-IAI. Instructions for submission and contact information for our Editor can be found on the Resources page.

If students have recommendations for future programming, please contact the student development committee:

Chair: Kelly Ayers

Members: Mallory McCormick mallory.mccormick@usss.dhs.govBob O’Brien

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FEPAC Accredited Universities

Scholarships and  Student Resources

The George H. Robinson Memorial Scholarship fund is a scholarship program for the recognition of forensic science and criminal justice students. Each year, students may be selected to receive a scholarship grant of $1000 and a certificate of recognition. The awards shall be presented at the Spring Educational Conferences of the Chesapeake Bay Division – I.A.I.

The International Association for Identification offers its Johnson-Whyte Foundation, whose purpose is to provide grants for researchers and scholarships for students who are seeking education and employment within the forensic identification community, and to promote the advancement of forensic identification as a profession on an international basis. The monetary amount of funds available in any given year for research grants and scholarships will be determined annually by the Trustees and will be based only on the income earned from investments during the previous year.

For more information, please visit:Johnson-Whyte Memorial Foundation Fund

Students and interns participating in workshops and conferences earn Certificates of Attendance. These attractive documents list your name along with the training topic and the number of successfully completed training hours. Copies of theses certificates may be attached to resumes and/or job applications.

George H. Robinson Memorial Scholarship Application

Eligibility: Applicants shall be either full time undergraduate students entering at least
their sophomore year or full or part time graduate students enrolled in a forensic
science or criminal justice program at an accredited college or university with a GPA
of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale. If enrolled in summer classes, the official transcripts needs to be submitted after the summer classes are completed.

Scholarship Fund Trustees and members of the immediate family of Trustees are not eligible.

Send the completed application to
The 2018 George H. Robinson Memorial Scholarship application is due August 2018.
Scholarship will be announced at the Upcoming Spring 2019 Educational Conference.

George H. Robinson Memorial Scholarship Application